Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bagels & Brunch

Today's post is going to be about breakfast.  Now, I've never been much of a breakfast eater, unless it was in the afternoon or evening.  Meaning - biscuits & gravy with fried eggs and bacon feels a whole lot different on my belly at 5pm, than it does at 8am.  However, I have been trying to work out different types of breakfasts for the AM, especially in the hot months of summer in the south (heavy food is a bad way to start a day in the heat - I found this out the hard way).

This past weekend I made a light and simple breakfast, based on a brunch that a friend of mine prepared once upon a time for me.  The main filler is bagel (I do love my breads).  I usually get my begals at places that make them fresh daily, like Old School Bagel Cafe or Panera Bread.  I honestly think that Old School Bagel Cafe has the best selection and the best quality in the area I'm in, however, the ones I got this time were from Panera because it was closer to where I was at the time.  Either place is good though.

Ok, so I got blueberry, cinnamon-raisin swirl, and sesame seed.  They will generally ask you at the shop if you would like them sliced, I always say yes, but not toasted.  If I'm making this breakfast for more than just myself, I also like to cut the bagels in half vertically when I get them home, that way everyone can have different flavors without filling up too much one the same thing- it adds an option for variety.

I then take a block of cream cheese, softened, and add 1 Tbls. of sugar and 1 Tbls. of vanilla extract (remember: not the imitation crap).  Beat it all together on med-high until the ingredients are mixed and the mixture is a light whipped texture - about 20 seconds or so.  I use this to spread on the bagels, it's simple and yet jazzes up the plain cream cheese a little.  Now you can get creative here, depending on what you like and what flavors of bagels you have.  For instance, you can add cinnamon, honey, nuts, fruit, etc.

Then I usually get either whatever fruit is in season, or if I just feel like something not in season, I'll get that.  This time I got some pineapple and organic blueberries and mixed them together.  I usually like to cut up a garden veggie like cucumber with this breakfast, but I didn't have any available at the time.  And then, just to add another element of zing, I usually slice up some Vermont sharp white cheddar on the side!  This goes better with the cucumber as a combo flavor, but even that didn't matter today because I just used what I had on hand, which was Colby...good enough!  Sometimes adding some scrabbled eggs is a tasty bonus for me as well.  As I said, it depends of my mood that day.

  • Bagels, sliced both horizontally and vertically - variety is the key
  • Cream cheese + sugar + vanilla = awesome
  • Fruit bowl
  • Sliced cucumber (not pictured) and cheese
  • Scramble up some eggs for a bit of protein (optional) 
As far as drinks go, I always brew a pot of coffee, and I like to mix lemonade and orange juice together (you can also mix O.J., pomegranate juice, and champagne together too, if you wanna get fancy).

So that's it kids, a nice and filling breakfast without the crappy feeling of morning in your belly!  Be creative and enjoy.

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