Friday, January 2, 2015

The Bucks vs. The Ducks In 2015 Championship, A.K.A. The "O" Bowl

Okay, first thing's first - HAPPY 2015, EVERYONE!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and that this will be your best year ever!  And now the second thing...

OMG, did you catch the Sugar Bowl tonight?  Wow!  Just, wow!  After an arduous back and forth of wondering who would win, The Ohio State Buckeyes (#4) took the playoff semifinals out from under the #1 ranked Alabama team...and with the Bucks' 3rd-string quarterback heading up the pack, at that!  Can you imagine having that kind of pressure?  Cardale held his own though, and led the Buckeyes to victory, 42-35.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire game, doing the usual fan stuff: making sure I was all geared up with as much Buckeye clothing as I could wear without walking around like Randy from A Christmas Story, making sure my dog was wearing her OSU collar, forgetting my hat, remembering my hat when we were losing, yelling at the TV, and alternating between salty and sweet snacks that I seriously didn't need, but couldn't avoid because I was so nervous! (and they were really really tasty)  

Most of the sports predictions were looking at The Tide to win it easily.  After losing our first and second-string quarterbacks to injuries, and Cardale Jones having only one starting appearance this season, (a game which he won, btw) I admit, I didn't go into watching this game with as much confidence as I usually do. But I'm a Buckeye fangirl through and through and I still had faith that they could totally win it.  I was definitely biting my nails though that first quarter...and the second...and frankly, the entire game!  OSU was seen by most of the sports world as the underdogs for this game, but I never listen to the statistics/numbers/odds, because Ohio State plays with heart, ambition, passion, and pride, and those aren't things that can be quantified.  

I am so thrilled that my Bucks came out on top! Whew, that was an intense game! I'm just now feeling like it's okay to breathe.  OSU fought hard and made some amazing plays, (Elliott was especially awesome!) and now they are going to the Championship game to play head-to-head with Oregon next week!  I am so proud and thankful to be even just a tiny part of the Buckeye fandom.

So don't miss the BIG GAME next Monday, January 12th when the Bucks meet the Ducks in a battle for the title to be the number one team of 2015!  

**Fun fact:  This championship game is being dubbed as "The 'O' Bowl" (Ohio vs. Oregon).

Happy Tailgating!  And Gooooooo BUCKS!!!

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