Friday, July 26, 2013

Bringing The Stove To Buckeye Grove!

We are getting close to college football kickoff!  Are you excited?  I am too.  The season of tailgating is once again upon us!  Speaking of tailgating, remember last year when I had posted on my Facebook page that I was working on a new cookbook?  Well, the time has come to announce that the new tailgating book is...

Co-written with my sister, this book is my second, and her first, in the line of university themed tailgating cookbooks from Gibbs Smith Publishing.  It is due out on August 1st.  We were super jazzed about getting to do this particular book, because my sister and I are Buckeyes at heart no matter where we live or what we do on our journey of life!  

Julie is an OSU alum with a master's degree in education from Ohio State.  She currently lives in Ohio with her husband and daughters.  I received my master's in professional writing from the University of Oklahoma, and authored Gibbs Smith's OU themed cookbook last year.  However, I was born and raised in Ohio and once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye!

Saw this on a shirt from Donkey Tees.  If you want the shirt, go here.

I will be flying back home for a short time to visit family as well as do a couple of signing events to help promote The Ohio State University Cookbook.  Here is a brief list of upcoming events, but keep checking back on the Upcoming Events Page for the most up to date info:
          Tuesday, August 13th @ 6:30pm
          230 E. North St.
          Sidney, Ohio
          -In the Art Gallery

Both events will feature samples of some of the recipes from the cookbook, and Julie and I will both be there to sign.  So, stop on by and see us if you are in the area.  We look forward to seeing you!

Gooooo Bucks!

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