Friday, January 4, 2013

Boomer Sooner!!

Today is the day for all Sooner fans - The Cotton Bowl 2013!!  I was just sitting here wondering the percentage of Normanites who took off work early, or mysteriously caught some sort of sickness today, just to get out and gear up for the game tonight?  It's okay to have football fever, my friends.  Especially when your team makes it to a bowl game!

Ok, so the pre-game actually starts tonight at 6:30 (Central time) and kickoff is at 7pm.  So, if you haven't already been to the grocery store - good luck!  Go!  Take off work now and get thee to a food supplier!  And for goodness sake, DO NOT FORGET THE BEER!  You still have time to put together some awesome gameday recipes, especially if you bought the University of Oklahoma Cookbook, so don't panic.

Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M.  Both teams stand 10-2 so it should be an exciting game, to say the least!  So start coughing loudly if you are still in the office, and get some supplies.  Don't have the book with you to make your super-fast grocery list?  Here, start off with these, and remember, you can never buy too much cheese...or corn chips.

Ok, you got this!  Now get out there and start your watch party!  We got a bowl game to win!

Boomer Sooner!!

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